Hey there! I’m Cori, an adventurous, water crazy, mountain loving photographer who somehow ended up in southeast Michigan, even though I’m is originally from Texas (and really miss living in Northeast New England).

You can find me wandering around Auburn Hills and Metro Detroit, finding new locations for photoshoots or trying to talk my friends into rolling around in mud because “the pictures will be so great” (I was the only one who ended up in the mud that day and it was an accident).

When I am not on an adventure, I’m usually making someone else’s vision come true. I love taking other’s ideas and dreams and making them into a reality. I have been known to get creative with everyday objects and do whatever it takes to create others dreams.

I would like to take a serious moment to note that I am LGBT+ friendly and do not discriminate in my professional or personal life.
Please reach out on my contact page to chat more with me about a potential session, or feel free to use my BookMe link to set up a session if you already feel confident in working together. I'm always here for anything you might need! Talk to you soon!


- Cori

Portrait and Event Photographer based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.